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investor expectations

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    I remember back in 2001 when Au was hitting rock bottom and cash costs for many gold miners were underwater, any company that could eek out a living was selling at much higher ratios than today.
    One has to wonder what is going on here, investors have truly lost sight of the bigger picture.
    I was battling back then to convince people that Au stocks were ready to explode on the back of Au as well. I bought DRD back in 2001 for 1.50(in hindsight I could've bought it for $1.00), however I sold it about six months later for $9, I was laughed at then too and was given all the reasons in the world why not to buy DRD, I am glad as hell that I didn't listen and concentrated on market mechanics.

    I am not some green behind the ears investor, I have been around the block more times than I wish to remember, I am telling you all now the same thing as I did back then.

    The set-up for gold is explosive, the gold stocks particularly the juniors are at their best value comparitively that I have seen in decades.

    The market has dumped on stocks like MON and it is riddiculous, they are NO VRE, Greensnapper said yesterday that they have been operating Davyhurst for 12 months, RUBBISH!...try 7 months...speculation is rife.

    I don't no why people are dumping so badly on MON, one can only hazzard a guess, but I have my thoughts as to why, regardless I don't really care, because at the end of the day, whilst the circumstances may change, history DOES repeat and MON is IMO, in the position that DRD was back in 2001 just before it made me a fortune.

    I actually do get a laugh out of this place..but make NO mistake dumpers...I will haunt you forever on HC when MON makes you look like a half wit.

    You better hope I am wrong this time around :)
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