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    No offence intended but somebody needs to tell you that your post is mumbo jumbo.

    You are mixing up spodumene mining with LiOH refining so much that I cannot make head or tail what is mumbo or jumbo or dumbo.

    A spodumene mine does not produce all those pollutants in the huge quantities you are talking about. I don't know whether chemical refineries produce those quantities either. Yes chemical refineries have a significant hazardous waste challenge...... duh. All types of chemical refineries have a hazardous waste challenge of varying degrees.

    If you have specific knowledge and experience then I'm sure all HC readers will appreciate your inputs in posts........ but seriously.......... the post needs to be clear and factual. By stating that these issues relate to the miners of spodumene is false. Any and all of the issues you infer at that huge rate are challenges for chemical refineries and not spodumene concentrate processing. The mining to produce spodumene concentrate is a downstream process for a chemical refinery and separate business steps with distinct processes in the whole chain from mine pit to battery lit. Yes the spodumene mining has a hazardous waste issue to manage just like all mining types do in some degree or form, but way less significant than what your confusing post alludes too.

    It might be easier to understand your points if the subject of your post is either about the mining or about the refining. It would be nice to have your post defining....... instead of mumbo jumbo and thus easily taken as a bit of whining.

    Good luck.

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