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Investing in Graphite

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    Don't know if this has already been posted. Too many posts to trawl through! But very interesting and balanced comprehensive report on Graphite/Graphene posted by ' Seeking Alpha ' released today.
    Not sure how I can attach the report here but just google-

    - ' Investing in Graphite (Part 1) : Supply/Demand Overview' by Ben Kramer-Miller.

    This is one of the most comprehensive reports I have accessed and well worth the read with some interesting charts on potential growth in EV Market Graphite Demand with Tesla alone forecast to produce 500,000 requiring 100,000 tons/y once initial production commences. With quoted each vehicle requiring 200kg of Mined Graphite.
    With GM, BMW etc also planning mass EV production forecast demand is quoted to grow further to beyond 7.5 million EV by 2020, only 5 years away!
    Also interesting comments on the potential for growth in the Fuel Cell vehicle market, which 'quote' require even more graphite than the EV.
    If all this potential is realized then surely there must be a very bright future ahead for the two companies holding the worlds largest Graphite/Vanadium resources you would think?
    But very early days yet I guess but the Graphite revolution will likely gather much more momentum in the years directly ahead.
    But you would not know it with TON with the largest known global resource on planet earth languishing at 15-16 cents today. Something we don't know here I guess, or just maybe someone wanting them ultra cheap.
    Maybe we will find out in 2015?
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