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    Investigation of the investigators was going on long b4 by John Durham than has been disclosed in the MSM incl by Fox , here is a sample from Doug Collins papers released online ... why is it not being discussed yet ... when it can be read online

    Mr. Levin: Durham, Durham.Mr. Jordan: Oh. Say it again...Mr. Levin: John DurhamMr. Jordan: All right.

    source: James Baker closed doors hearing - transcript October 3, 2018- pages…

    is that enough as OFFICIAL PROOF that Prosecutor John Durham was investigating already in Sept 2018:- the Spy Operations against Trump - and the origins of the Russia-Trump probe ?

    is the word of a DOJ lawyer (Mr. Levin) official enough? the James Baker closed doors hearing, of October 3, 2018 was DECLASSIFIED on April 8, 2019.everyone could read it -
    it was publicly available on the web.

    Prosecutor John Durham was investigating all this already in Sept 2018I didn't see the New York Times @nytimes reporting about this.I didn't see Fox News, nor Hannity, nor Sara Carter, nor John Solomon talk about this.
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