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    A Beer Injector, in PHARMAS livery, with BlueTooth image.jpg of course, but is it as good as UNIS. Further testing required.
    Available ALDI ON SPECIAL $30
    Macs Liquor, used to stock them $29.95
    Local liquor stores between $36.95 and $39.95
    Guaranteed to keep drug fresh for 30 days after opening, however this feature not tested.
    When test strip is Blue, good to go, just peel the punger from container, Stick it in the catheter hole press plunger.
    Will signal by gurgling when injection complete.
    BlueTooth strip will turn clear, any redness is your eyes.
    Easily disposed of.
    Little chance of Needle Stick injury on opening, but cannot be assured on disposal
    An example of what we have to put up with, while our scientists ponder. why and how it works.
    I can assure UNIS Addicts that this product is being studied, very carefully.
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