Into Zambia?

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    Anyone got any info re this article.I know AVL mentioned other projects in Africa.

    Anvil Mining to Explore for Copper in Zambia, Daily Mail Says
    2002-10-14 04:49 (New York)

    Lusaka, Zambia, Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Anvil Mining Ltd., an
    Australian mining company, has been given a license to explore for
    copper in northern Zambia, the state-owned Daily Mail said citing
    company General Manager Mike O' Sullivan.
    Anvil will explore for copper in the Chiengi district of the
    northern Luapla province, near the border with the Democratic
    Republic of Congo, the paper said.
    The Australian company already mines copper in the Congo,
    shipping the production across lake Mweru into Zambia for
    Anvil's exploration comes just months after Phelps Dodge
    Corp., the world's second-biggest copper producer, and Equinox
    Resources Ltd said they may build the first new copper mine in
    Zambia in 25 years. Zambia has suffered a two-decades long decline
    in copper production as its biggest mines have run out of ore.
    Copper accounts for more than 80 percent of its exports.

    (Daily Mail, 10-14) For the Web site:

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