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    Sir Knight,
    I believe in letting Management manage.
    It must make it difficult for them if shareholders keep criticising. Ok constructive criticism is warranted on occasions.
    I know what you do. Pym has found a commercially viable deposit of gas, and in the interest of wanting to secure more land around this deposit, in front of their competitors, they have not disclosed exactly how much.
    Logic would tell me that if it was a small amount they wouldn't be worried about anyone finding out.To me they value the interests of shareholders first. My opinion is that we shouldn't force our short term agendas on to management.
    The fall from .95 cents to current sp. From memory the SP was over $1 at one stage but only happened because of First Capital because of Cudeco and was never sustainable and dropped as quickly as it rose.
    With Cudeco about to burst it could happen again.
    Hope we all have a win Sir Knight.
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