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    I've always found these a great concentrated resource so I've posted them as much for me as the whole forum. Would someone like to take them on?

    All that is required to make them work is to copy them to notepad exactly as they appear beloe and then copy and paste them exactly as they appear in the text below. Due to the miracle of modern coding, when you post them they will appear as the charts you have either come to love or loath.


    Charts may require regular use of Refresh button to ensure old data is not being stored in cache.<P><B>Australasia/Asia (AXJO,NZ40,Hang Seng)</B><P><img src="^Axjo"><img src="^nz40"><img src="^HSI"><P><B>Europe (FTSE, DAX, CAC)</B><P><img src="^FTSE"><img src="^GDAXI"><img src="^FCHI"><P><B>US Markets (S&P500, DOW, Nasdaq)</B><P><img src="^spx"><img src=""><img src=""><B><P><B>Futures - S&P500, Nasdaq and Dow</B><P><a href="">Click Here for CNN Futures</A><P><B>US S&P and Nasdaq Futures Graphs</B><P><img src=""><img src=""><P><B>Kitco 24hr Gold, Kitco 24hr Platinum, $AU v $US</B><P><img src=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><P><B>Silver </B><P><img src=""><img src=""></b>

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