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interim profit

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    They are reporting next Tuesday as I understand it. I have sifted through last year's annual report, and looked at the quarterly results, and my guess is close to 5.5c/share interim profit. I always get these things wrong, but I imagine if we are close to that number, it should get things moving along.

    I figure gross revenue of around $27m, cost of sales of around $7m, admin of $2m, finance costs of around $3m, and the raccon bend profit of $4m = $19m less amortisation of say $5m = $14M, TAX OF $4M = $10m NPAT, or 5.5c/share.

    Interestingly, ABN Amro predicts full year NPAT of $21m or 11.7c/share. That's a PE of 5.3 on a 63c share, and is after $12m of amortisation, which is a non cash write off.
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