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interim half yearly figures

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    New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited (NZOG) is pleased to advise that the company’s interim
    financial statements are now expected to be available on Wednesday 27 February 2008.
    As a First Time Adopter of New Zealand equivalents to International Financial Reporting
    Standards (NZ IFRS), NZOG had previously advised that it would take advantage of the
    class waiver, granted under NZX Regulation Decision dated 3 November 2005, with
    reference to NZX Listing Rules 10.4.1(a) Preliminary Announcements and 10.5.2 Half
    Yearly Report. This waiver allowed an extension until 14 March 2008 for the release of the interim financial statements. NZOG now anticipates releasing its interim financial statements on 27 February 2008. NZOG’s Half Yearly Report is expected to be released in late March or early April.
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