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    I note that since OGD's largest/major shareholder GRD won the major contract in Lanchashire this stock has started to move up fairly quickly. There has been some news in The Financial Review (2 articles) over past week which specifically mentioned (by Brett Fogarty CEO of GRD) that GRD would be interested in off loading their holding in OGD if the price was right, but the reporter stated that Brett Fogarty was very tight lipped on how this would be done. This to me is very interesting and suspicious as this might point to something in the wind. This might explain why the share price has moved strongly upwards. This is apart from the stock being very cheap based on it's current and future operations as well as it's future potential.

    It my opinion that OGD would now not fit GRD as an investment as GRD are focused on other bigger things.

    I believe the stock will move over this month to the 70 to 75 cent level and consolidate. This is apart from any potential corporate activity which could occur in the meantime.

    I believe this stock is easily worth around the $1.00 level and we could see this in the not too distant future with a couple of things happening. Putting any corporate activity aside, the gold price is holding up and should remain strong, if not increase over the coming months. The operations at the mine are improving and they are increasing their reserves. New mining will be coming on stream next year which will see a substantial increase in gold produced. From reading the previous announcements they are mainly unhedged which is seen as a positive.

    OGD is basically a good story from where I sit and I think they are cheap!
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