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interesting time ahead

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    hi guys..

    should be an interesting few weeks ahead..

    hopefully we'll get this funding matter out of the way soon, so Nido can concentrate on moving Golac forward.

    i guess for those who are a little more conservative and would prefer to wait until any appraisal drilling commences. thus cutting down the risk element.

    paying a small premium isn't a big deal.

    but for those who like getting in early and picking up the shares a little cheaper, with a little more risk then now is the time.

    this is probably the hardest thing to pick.

    will the share price fall slightly if the j/v partners not get the finance..????

    tricky one, depends on how Nido word the announcement, and if Nido have a alternative plan in place.

    i'll try and have another stab in the dark..

    Nido won't allow anymore time, therefore j/v partnership is finished.

    Nido have an alternative plan, in which they can implement straight away.

    some who have been around for a long while would say it's better to wait until appraisal drilling commences.

    at least that way you cut the risk considerably.

    imo there isn't much doubt Nido will be producing oil from Golac oilfield. the question is how long will the process take before it happens.

    it's a pretty hard call..

    By the way, you don’t want to be sitting on the fence when it happens, it will be quick so if you snooze you may just miss it.

    apart from Golac plenty of other things are happening which will also have a huge impact on the companys future...

    definitely one worth holding longterm..


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