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interesting stats...

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    As of the close tonight...

    There are just 2.3m available for sale in the entire sell depth...further, we now have a similar number on the buy side at or above today's open price.

    These are significant numbers.

    Of most interest for me, today's rise of some 6c (12 points) is the largest points gain in a signle day since the rerating of the company began at 6c.

    Even more significantly, the next largest single day gain (5th Feb) saw almost twice the volumes traded.

    We are in my view getting the register shift I have long suggested we would...with more and more long-termers removing stock from the free float.

    If the rise is to be sustained, this trend will need to be continued until eventually we see the depth and the trades more like those in MAK.

    That will be a sweet day.

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