BIL brambles industries limited

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    If you have got this far without looking at the press article's on the HC entry page (which 99.9% of you have) - then go back to the log-in page and click on the new's article about BIL that appears it the London Times.

    My reading is that the Times are saying the Aussie analysts/insto's basically saw the results and dumped the stock, without reading the fine print. With the UK insto's following suit - yet the result was up to market expectations.

    Yep, I have a few BIL and bought a few more today.

    But what really worries me is that some pimple-faced, little graduate, at one of these "insto's" is throwing my super. funds around with stuff-all knowledge of the underlying fundamentals of the share markets. Rather just "punting" on the movements!!

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