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interesting quotes from d.w over the weekend

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    hi guys

    couple of interesting quotes from D.W over the weekend.

    we are all passengers in D.W's luxury coach, sit back and enjoy the ride whilst D.W drives.

    at this rate, we'll buy a nursing home (Nido retirement village) and live happily ever after.

    ""you have got a pretty good view of the future - relax and enjoy the ride. I'll drive and you can watch the country side from the passengers seat""

    ""It is exciting though isn't it - just think of the stage that has been set - the price of oil is at an all time high - not just $22 or $30 but $65/bbl, always knew it would get this high but thought I would be in a seniors home eating my food through a straw and carrying around a calostomy (sp) bag""
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