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interesting chart

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    im not a chart expert at all but do like to take a look from time to time.

    From our January smashing that we took, we did recover well back to $1 very quickly only then to drop back to the 82c level last week. I would attribute this to short term profit taking from people buying stock around the 60c level. We now are knocking on the $1 level again and was as high as $1.05 on thursday.

    The big question is where to from here, i feel that we have some momentum on our side finally and the short pause that we have had at $1 has probably been good as it has flushed a few more profit takers out of the game. If these bloody yanks can keep their pants on for more than 2 weeks and just give us some bloody stability for about 1 month from here on forward, BRM has a really good chance of breaking the old high of $1.68, some might say this is a big call and it is but we went from $1 to $1.68 in about 3 days last year, just look at the chart, to support this price we do have some really bullish news coming which will make BRM probably the cheapest FE stock per inground value, we are cheap now but its only going to get cheaper.

    Everytime i look at BRM's market cap i want to buy more, the only thing stopping me is the fact that im at 75% of my porfolio is BRM, i would love to go all in and smash another 100k of the sell side but i just cant do it.

    We remain severly undervalued and will maintain that BRM could comfortably sit at $2 with this next resource upgrade, $2 will still be extremely undervalued where comparing its peers.
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