interesting chart ...

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    Hmmm... No less than Jessica Cohen has admitted with a sell on Fox and a buy on News Corp that her left brain hemisphere is simply in conflict with the right.

    The sudden reversal is no doubt simple 'knee jerk' by fundy jerks and the odd SHORTER who finally 'jagged' one followed just as quickly by the pack which gave the reversal some legs.

    The astute are sitting quietly waiting for the dust to settle as we need to figure the overall Market sentiment that is still being driven by War issues and the US economic woes which aren't going away soon.

    If Rupert is smart (and he is ...) he will ann strongly (via the usual means) as a follow up here to max what is a coup for his team.

    The chart shows the action and an interesting support level developing at Fib(38.2%) at $10.55 which could become consolidation ahead of the next positive movement.

    Mindfull that confirmation is required and the fact the Market is keen to get back to fundamentals now that most of the shooting has stopped.

    Chart looks like this ...

    Cheers ... tight stops.

    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.
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