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    Hello All,

    Have been a silent viewer of this HDR Board; Holder since the 25cent days after a Broker reco. Had 240thou HDR shares at the End and was very nevous with all those severe price swings.
    Stumbled onto the Motley Fools Bd in about '2003ish' and kept seeing the 'HC' references from various Posters.. Eventually found here and joined.
    Even with the mixed noise at the end game, some well informed posters convinced me to take up the TLW option, which I have never regretted for one moment. Currently keep up with TLW thru Fools and ADVFM.... Acamas still posts well on that Bd...unfairly treated earlier by some here tho.

    --Anyway my thrust of this story is I am INTERESTED to know what stock has become the Star and the Dog of your new portfolio.
    --For me someone on this thread tipped NXS in 2004 and have been buying ever since; most of my HDR cash component ended up there as well. Currently holding same amount as was in HDR.. VERY CONFIDENT NXS IS THE NEXT "WOODSIDE"

    Some ended up with Baraka 'whoof whoof'... still hold but may be in HOPE. (another reco from this board.. not complaining...NXS more than makes up for it)

    PS: broke my code of silence and now post on NXS....
    All in a bit of fun....

    Regards SharpE :)
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