interest rate ramping

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    A couple of days ago Australian producer inflation figures were released - they were flat - aided by the rise in the Aus dollar. ABC News reported that the general feeling is that there is no case for raising interest rates at this time with flat inflationary data.

    Quick as a flash today the banks and commercial TV networks are ramping up some "business confidence" survey NAB I think - and saying that on THIS dodgy basis alone now that there is a strong case for the RBA to raise interest rates in a couple of weeks time. This is only two days after a completely contrary set of reliable figures is released.

    What a load of horsesh6t - don't believe the banks and their surveys - they have suspect motives. Interest rates are going NOWHERE in the months ahead.

    I know that Stone and the US Treasury have made announcements regarding the upward bias of rates in the future - but as they stated, this is a long term view and Greenspan apparently thinks otherwise at the moment.

    Thank God for journalists like Alan Kohler, and the ABC in general - if you believe Channel 10 you would be rushing out to fix your home loan at some absurd rate tommorrow.

    Power,corruption, and lies

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