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intelligent posts please

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    tomorrows opening 5.9 , high of 6.3
    as i rub my crystal ball, lol, no but seriously thats my indications for tomorrow, probably not as much volume, but still reasonable, i think that them drilling the 2nd hole already is a good sign that there not mucking around , maybe we'll see an announcement containing results of the 2 digs,

    also, hey just leave old monster alone, he did ramp a bit, and obviously sold for profit, good on him, we all would have done the same,its his choice, look, everyone gotto realise that even though this stock and other stocks get highly ramped, it does not make one hell of a difference to the price of these stocks, jeez there are only probably 30 or so people ramping this stock maximum, were talking about thousands of trades a day, but on the other hand its good to give a stock u hold a thumbs up, but no matter how many posts monstercash made, it wouldnt have made a difference what has happened today , and previous days,etc,etc, have a look at todays trades , obviously a lot of people want this stock in their portfolio, short or long term, it only dropped from 5.9 - 5.7 in the afternoon trading, it held up well when there was a lot of profit taking.personally i think this is slowly going to creep , probably .3 cents per day until they announce the results, this is not a ramp, take it as you will, but people stop bickering at each other, and lets have some sensible,constructive and intelligent posts please
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