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    The IT person at SUDA should be commended for the way in which the website is continually being updated. I haven't looked at it for a while but was pleased to see the recent updates. As announcement are made, if  they are relevant they  are quickly included. One recent addition is the Intellectual Property which provided further insight as to what products could be targeted in the future. Just reading through some of these could be quite significant in terms of dollar value.

    Intellectual Property

    SUDA's intellectual property includes granted and pending patents, trademarks and proprietary know-how. The patent estate covers liquid spray formulations of over 300 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) from a wide range of drug classes such as anti-infectives, (i.e. antibiotics and antifungals), anti-asthmatics, barbiturates, opioids as well as biologically active peptides hormones such as, insulin and cyclosporine. These formulations can be administered to the oral cavity in the form of a micro-mist that covers the oral mucosal membranes. The management intends to strengthen the intellectual property portfolio as it progresses with its R&D efforts.

    Interestingly PYL put out an announcement last week regarding using the transbuccal delivery method as the preferred way of administering medical marijuana. SUDA makes reference in the above statement regarding barbiturates and opioids. This can only add further support to  SUDA's delivery platform. I particularly like the use of "state of the art delivery system."

    Yaacov Michlin, CEO of Yissum, stated: “We are very pleased to collaborate with PhytoTech in
    developing the inventions of Professors Domb and Hoffman for the purpose of delivering the active
    components in cannabis. Medical cannabis is increasingly being used for a variety of indications,
    such as reducing nausea during chemotherapy and relieving pain and muscle spasticity in MS
    patients. Development of state-of-the art delivery systems for the active ingredients will undoubtedly
    pave the way for a wider variety of clinical indications for these types of drugs.”
    “We are happy to collaborate with Yissum in developing this novel delivery platform for THC and
    CBD,” said Boaz Wachtel, Managing Director of PhytoTech Medical. “We believe that Yissum’s
    novel transbuccal delivery method is particularly appropriate for the delivery of these agents, and
    helps avoid problems such as lack of standardization of drug concentration, and health risks
    stemming from more traditional ways of absorbing cannabis, such as smoking.”
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