insurgents in australia

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    I was disturbed by a news item on t.v. this evening which centred around an islamic religeous festival. Now don't get me wrong I'm not intolerant to muslims or any other religeous group even if they are all misguided but what I heard made me chill. Here was a leading muslim, Kaiser Trad, Sheil Halele's spokes person (? spelling but you know the geezer) proclaiming to the faithful about the attack on muslims in Fallujah.

    WELL HELLO! as the Prime Minister once said - these people under atack in Fallujah are terrorists, killers - evil bastids and heres this jerkoff making it out to be an attack on a religeous group. Time to pay Mr Trad's departure tax me thinks - and pretty darned quick - we don't need his hate spread in this country.

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