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insulin market?

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    Who is going to prefer wearing a patch instaed of pricking themselve every once in awhile? Pen devices currently have approximately over 60% market share.....if patches could snatch 50% of this pen market (=30% overall)....2010 projected insulin sales would be $4.35billion

    Insuliin Key Finding (a rather large industry)

    The total number of diabetes patients in the world is expected to grow from 246 Million in 2006 to 380 Million by 2025.
    Growing at a CAGR of 14.09%, global insulin market will reach US$ 14.5 Billion by 2010 from US$ 7.5 Billion in 2005.
    Over 60% of the insulin sold in 2006 was sold in pen devices.
    Insulin pen devices dominate the market in Europe and Japan whereas syringes and pumps dominate the US market.
    Needle-free injectors havent created any impact in the insulin delivery market with market share in 2006 as low as 0.6% in US.
    Inhaled Insulin devices were earlier thought to make a big success, but Pfizers Exubera was a big flop in 2006 with estimated revenues of 1/10th as what had been earlier projected.
    The Insulin market in 2006 was largely dominated by two players, Novo Nordisk of Denmark and Eli Lilly of USA.
    India and China are emerging as the most potential future markets for insulin delivery devices.
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