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insider trading??

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    Alpha replied to my question re: thoughts on senatas, and expressed concern regarding dumping of large number of stock into the rising market immediately following positive ctam announcement. Todays announcement regarding possibility of writing off all of sen investments except ctam would explain the recent selling (massive volume compared to recent years).

    I have previously stated that I believe this stock has been manipulated around the time of the share purchase plan and this may be another instance where 'prior knowledge' has been used to exit a position in a stock.

    Given that RR was jailed this week for insider trading I ask the question....Is dumping stock (with prior knowledge of a companies position) into a rising market so as to minimise a loss also insider trading and how would it be proven. (I hope my question makes sense).

    I'm sure there are cases of insider trading occurring every day yet RR is accused, tried and jailed. I'm not saying he isn't guilty but has he been made an example of.

    These are my thoughts only. I do hold sen, and will continue to do so....despite my frustration. Once again, although not suggesting a reason for the large dumping of stock, alpha provided a very useful piece of information.
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