BNB babcock & brown limited


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    I hear the position of this company is terminal.

    If this is so, I would expect that major investors, directors etc. would have been deserting this ship like rats and selling their share holdings (ie. a bird in the hand philosophy).
    I have comsec, and have seen no recent activity of directors or major holdings adjustments.
    Makes me curious.
    I could speculate that
    A). Their shares are tied up with CFD providers in geared shorting contracts that they can't sell.
    B). They anticipate a major rebound and are all holding and accumulating at bargain prices.
    C). They are simply sitting on their stock, to the bitter end out of loyalty.
    D). Notices are not up to date?

    Just inquisitive. This post is for analytical purposes only and it is not intended to inflame anyone, just seeks comments.
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