inmate porked!!!!

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    Inmate Charged in Pork Chop Stabbing

    1 hour, 35 minutes ago - AP

    NORMAN, Okla. - A prison inmate in Cleveland County is accused of stabbing another prisoner with a sharpened pork chop bone. Lexington Correctional Center inmate Erenesto Hernanced-Rosales, 39, was charged Wednesday with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

    According to correctional officers, Hernandez-Rosales got into a fight with the other inmate on Nov. 28 and stabbed the man under the left eye with the bone. The bone had been sharpened and fashioned into a weapon.

    Hernandez-Rosales admitted that he tried to stab the man's eye out, the correctional officers said.

    Hernandez-Rosales is serving an eight-year sentence from Kay County for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

    A spokeswoman for the Lexington Correctional Center said the inmate, who was not identified, was not seriously injured.

    "It did break the skin, but it hit that cheek bone below the eye socket, so the injuries were not life-threatening," said spokeswoman Genese McCoy. "He was very lucky."
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