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information taps turned on

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    as has been mentioned by yaq and hardmano, it certainly looks like the information taps may be turned on:

    1) first off there should be the development plan sometime in jan
    2) reserves upgrade, surely this has to be jan,
    3) then based on flow rates maybe a second upgrade from BW West in Feb - ???
    4) as a by product of these then some binding mou's and hopefully some sort of gas swaps announcement.

    as had been said before, santos would struggle with a bid due to its current capex requirements but surely if someone like BG has ever been interested, they would have to start sharpening its pencil - why wait until these guys have over 2,000 pj at the project level.

    lets hope it starts trading with some upward momentum - should not be any significant volume until the new year when the fat cat brokers are back from their holiday houses at byron.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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