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    Detailed geoscience analysis and drilling engineering work is underway for Dana’s
    first exploration well offshore Mauritania. The well is planned to test the Pelican
    prospect in Block 7 (Dana 80%). The Block 7 work is being conducted in parallel
    with similar work on Block 1 (Dana 48%), where a major diapiric prospect is
    emerging from the 3D seismic interpretation. Dana’s operations team are examining
    whether the Pelican well can be drilled in conjunction with Woodside’s current
    drilling campaign in Block 4. Options to combine a Block 7 well with a possible
    Block 1 well are also being considered. Technical studies of geological and seismic
    data are also continuing in Block 8 (Dana 80%), where key decisions on future
    activity are to be made in 2004.
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