Inflation and deflation at the same time, page-89

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    Most inflation issues are external and almost unavoidable for Australia. While China is now the sneeze event to be cautious of the US and others have impacts as well.

    "As Inflation Surges, Pakistan Seeks a $6 Billion I.M.F. Lifeline Rising prices and a weakened currency are straining households, intensifying pressure on Prime Minister Imran Khan to find solutions."

    Inflation conflagration seem to be shared in many countries and growing impacts.

    "Inflation: South Korea raises rates to tackle price rises"
    "Erdoğan gambles on economy amid protests and rocketing inflationAnalysis: push for interest rate cuts has divided party and left Turkish president in precarious position, say experts"

    So many seem to be deep in it already and drowning slowly or fast clearly.
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