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    Not much action here for a while eh Trevor et al.

    Woke up rather early this morning, no bolt of lightening, but just a thought; Why would Passport Capital(more exactly Passport Materials) buy a substantial stake in a small prospective Iron Ore producer?

    I have held CAS for around 6 months and have to date seen it as a play on near term Iron Ore (Jorc any day now) the possibilty of solid Tin at Manga and the unlikely possibility of the Brazilian govt changing it's policy on Uranium mining re domestic assets. As we all know CAS 'has' one of the richest Uranium deposits in the world at Espinharas (this is nothing not public...check out their annual report...go to tenements and then start Googling!) I should probably rephrase that last sentence in that whilst they own the mineral rights to Espinharas it does not include the Uranium and hence the need to change the constitution....which seems to be happening if you google the minister responsible but to be frank if it goes to tender (Vale MD had dinner with the President of Brazil a few weeks back) then what chance do we have unless we are on the inside track and invite the minister for afternoon tea? (i'm not suggesting anything here...Brazil seems like a very above board and rapidly developing nation these days)

    So back to waking up this morning I thought I should re check Passport and look at their on the PC and came to the conclusion by about 6.00am that there is no way they would have invested in CAS for the Uranium(too risky/long shot) or the Iron (Too small) or the Tin(despite this being the best one of the lot)....and by looking at every investment Passport has made since inception (Now has around $4b under mgt)I have come to the conclusion it must be the Indium.....

    So that sends me back to my notes and back to previous conversations which confirm this (a quick google helps). I think most fair minded individuals now realise that the future of our planet depends on either something Nuclear, fuel cell / hydrogen based or Solar....nothing else seems to stack up in the next 30 years or so...which by about 7.00am this morning via the Passport website takes me to the FIRST PRODUCTION of 'printed' solar panels in the U.S and Japan in December 2007...and guess what the key ingredient guessed it, INDIUM...

    Now going back to basics and looking at the Indium demand / supply curve you can see the price topping out a while back at around $1,000 per kg (Not TON!!) that makes it nearly $1,000,000 per ton!

    But lets not get too excited I thought, so I then looked at the real figures by looking at these funny solar things and then related this to how much Indium can actually get recycled...and then I took this back to previously quoted figures from a variety of sources including the basics from Manga....some of these figures don't add up.

    Now we know our beloved Directors at CAS are very conservative in their reporting but I just fancy that when these final intitial Tin Indium results come out in the next few days / week that they might be more than just impressive....the funny bit is this; The Directors have already comitted to drilling out Manga ASAP(As per the last quarterly) WITHOUT TELLING US WHAT THE RESULTS WERE THAT HAD TO BE REDONE!!!!!!!!! This tells me one thing and one thing only....there were some amazing numbers in those unitial results...but perhaps they were inconsistent.

    How often would you commit to drill BEFORE getting the numbers? (Although they did have some very old numbers)Clearly something here could be very special and we may be about to find out. Alternatively perhaps CAS were already comitted to drilling out Manga, particularly with Passport's investment in mind????!!!

    There have been no significant CAS sellers for months now.....and no buyers either. Good news could propel this stock....already up 7% this morning....results cannot be far away.

    Just my thoughts early in the morning....please do your own research and I may well have got this all totally wrong....just could not sleep... so don't rely on any of the waffle above! If anyone has any views on this even if it to tell me how wrong I am I would enjoy the review / comment.


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