Indigenous despair

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    This is an article that I came across. It did not get any mention in the normal press. I think I know why.

    "The only aboriginal cabinet member in the NT government, John Ah Kit, said on 7th March that increasing hopelessness in indigenous commun inites could turn the NT into a financial basket case and create a permanent class of dysfunctional people.

    John....said it was time to tell the truth about teh problems facing communities, with many indigenous people saying that "the rot lies within their own communities"

    Speaking in a stunned silence in the NT parliament, he said it was almost impossible to find a functional Aboriginal community in the NT and called on aborigines to throw off the passive mentality of waiting for welfare and "playing the victim".........

    A study by Audrey Bolger, a researcher at the ANU concluded that "Abpriginal people are considerably safer in NT jails that they are in their own communities", with most of the violence linked to alcohol and substance abuse."
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