Indigenous All Stars in good win

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    The Indigenous All Stars v NRL All Stars game was high quality for so early in the season. Thurston and Inglis were both in good form but they had plenty of support from the whole team.

    What I liked as a Titans supporter, was the form of Ryan James and Kierran Mosely. If they can both produce that form throughout the year, the Titans should have a much better one than they did last year.

    The experimental rule changes did not seem to have any noticeable effect on the game. It seemed the referees were a bit confused about how they were to be applied, but they are with the old ones as well.

    The game drew 23,000 which isn't bad for the Gold Coast, so the concept should survive another year.

    The firm of some of the rising stars such as Taomololo was outstanding.

    His form and that of Thurston would just about make Penrith equal favourites with the Bunnies in my books.
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