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    Don't assume I'm not smiling because I give my views on movements mate. I'm way more heavily into futures than stocks, and am a trend trader, not a bull.

    Generally you make money faster on bear runs than bull runs "the market goes up on the stairs and comes down on the elevators" W D GANN... 45 years in Wall Street.

    Just my thoughts on what might happen. I believe blue chips that have held (ie banks etc) will not be subject to end of year selloffs (why would they) and that blues that have copped a bashing will perhaps come in for some buying at bottoms (ie ones like BIL) The ones that will take a hiding on market downtrend will be small caps, which I mainly trade in. They have copped a hammering apart from the gold sector and some tax loss sellof must occur. Since I'm holding very few stocks atm I see this as a future buying opportunity in the future.

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