incredibly soft options

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    Incredibly soft options yesterdays Herald Sun.


    COMMUNITY anger at the soft sentences imposed on anti-social criminals will deepen following the case of convicted kidnapper Kevin Farrugia.

    He is serving a sentence of four years and nine months.

    As reported in today's Herald Sun, a loaded revolver was found in Farrugia's high security cell in May last year.

    With the gun were vials of steroids, syringes, a mobile phone and a screwdriver.

    Farrugia spent 17 months in solitary confinement as a result.

    Yesterday a magistrate did not extend Farrugia's sentence. She said she did not want to hinder chances of possible rehabilitation or his parole due on November 26.

    Instead she gave him an 18-month suspended sentence, though she acknowledged he had a long criminal history.

    A Herald Sun investigation reveals other sentencing anomalies. They include:

    Two gangland thugs who received just 12 months jail when caught carrying loaded guns by Purana taskforce detectives.

    A rogue gun dealer was fined after selling six shotguns to an undercover policeman.

    A violent career criminal escaped jail after being hauled into court when caught carrying a loaded semi-automatic gun.

    And a man caught with a loaded pistol fitted with a silencer received a three-month suspended sentence.

    This litany of leniency is an affront to the community the courts are supposed to be protecting.

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