Increased Snowmelt Population not Global Warming

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    (Natural News 28/2 )
    Climate change alarmists are always finding “evidence” to support their theories, but many of these phenomena can actually be attributed to other causes. One of the signs of climate change that they like to cite is earlier snowmelt, but a group of NASA scientists believe that climate change is being given too much credit for diminishing mountain snowpacks.
    That’s because particulate matter actually plays a very big role in corroding mountain snowpacks everywhere. According to Tom Painter of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, snow that contains light-absorbing particles like soot and dust has a lower reflectivity, or albedo. Snow with a high albedo can reflect 90 percent or more of earthbound solar energy into the atmosphere, but the dusty low-albedo variety is responsible for causing snowpacks to melt two months early.
    In 2013, a study published by Painter illustrated how the black carbon particulate created by smokestacks in the industrial revolution put an end to Europe’s Little Ice Age. A more recent study he was involved in shows that years with high amounts of dust cause a rise in melt that has nothing to do with temperature. The study, which was reported in Geophysical Research Letters, determined that dust accounted for somewhere between 70 and 83 percent of the increased melting, while air temperature influenced no more than 7 percent.
    National Snow and Ice Data Center Snow Hydrologist Jeff Deems, a study co-author, said: “[That] was really surprising. It almost doesn’t matter how warm the spring is, it really just matters how dark the snow is.”

    While windblown silt, such as sand blowing from the deserts, has always turned up in mountain snow, Painter reports that there has been a higher prevalence of dust in the snow that is coming from humans. One contributor is the desertification that comes from land development, over-farming, or use of recreational vehicles.

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