increased georgia deployment to iraq

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    A lot has been mentioned in passing of troop withdrawals from Iraq (etc). Little, however, has been said of increased troop deployments:
    in the case of Afghanistan, where NATO is now expected to deploy forces to the North-West by early 2005 (circa March /April); and
    in the case of Iraq, where Georgia has announced an increased commitment (see, below) from 159 to 850, in support of protecting the United Nations presence there.

    Press Statement
    Richard Boucher, Spokesman
    Washington, DC
    November 4, 2004

    Georgian Troop Deployment to Iraq

    The United States warmly welcomes Georgia's decision to deploy additional
    troops to Iraq to provide security for the United Nations presence in Iraq.
    This latest deployment by Georgia will increase the total number of its troops
    in Iraq from 159 to 850. It underscores Georgia's commitment to partnership
    with the people of Iraq and their friends around the world in pursuit of peace,
    prosperity and democracy in Iraq. The U.S. will offer additional training to
    help Georgia sustain this deployment following an assessment by the U.S.
    European Command.

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