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    (Share) Options are listed under BGDO on the ASX. They expire on 31st March 2012 and have a 10 cent conversion price - so for each option you own, if you pay the company 10 cents, you can convert it into a share. As far as I'm aware BGD only has options listed in Australia, none in Berlin.

    Unlike the past couple of months the options are actually trading at a premium currently to the shares. (Current price 11c - shares are trading at 18c) Previously you would've been able to buy the options at a discount to share price - so if you had've converted them, it would have actually cost you less than if you had of bought the shares on market. (IE: options were around 8cents, shares were 19cents, if you had bought the options and converted them, in effect you would've paid 18cents per share, a 1 cent discount to the share price at that time.

    Basically if you just want to acquire as many shares in BGD as possible, keep an eye on both BGD & BGDO prices - if the BGDO price is more than 10cents cheaper than the current BGD price when you want to buy, get the options. Just remember to convert them before they expire.

    Obviously if you trade the up's and down's, you'll potentially be able to accumulate more, but it's more risky & really depends on how comfortable you are with short term trading.
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