in u.s.a elections who are you voting for????

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    Personally I am not voting for anyone in U.S.A elections.

    They won't let me vote in the U.S.A because I am not american but an Aussie!

    I was thinking of ramping someone in the U.S.A elections & then I thought ,,,,,,

    What do I get out of it ?????????


    I was thinking it might be better to concentrate on Syrian & Iranian elections.

    If we all put in the effort we could get the imcumbents out of power????

    I do know in Iraq previously Saddam Hussien got over 99% of the votes.

    Perhaps if some people on hotcopper spoke up more against Saddam he might have got in with less power??????????

    This is a good forum to influence things like that???

    I think???????????????


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