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in the zone and ready to break out

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    AMU is certainly in the zone and ready to break out. Why, I hear you ask. The below is a combination of fundamental facts, speculation, and the 5 year monthly chart.

    * 44 cents to 60 cents appears to be a sound trading range (refer back to 2004), with 60 cent strong resistance AND support if cleared;

    * look at the monthly volumes. It follows a very clear wave pattern where the lows correspond to either flat trading or lows of a decline. Current monthly is sustained low in share price low;

    The above alone indicates we are at a bottom (IMO), with upside potential if 60 cents is breached and held. But there's MORE!!!

    * On a sustainable cash flow basis this is trading somewhere between 4 and 6 times cash flow (depending on who you ask). So fundamentally good value;

    * High level of success with drilling, which at least maintains but realistically is adding to reserves;

    * Some potentially large reserve wells are being drilled throughout 2008 - any one of which could double cash flow in its own right. Smaller ones added nicely regardless;

    * ALL this drilling is funded from company's own cash flow. In other words, no need to keep going back to shareholders asking for more dosh;

    * In a politically stable enviroment;

    * Successful wells near infrastructure (ie. very low cost to bring online, and can be done in quick time).

    Naturally I hold.

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