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    Come January DRA is going to find itself with some cash for the first time ever.


    Initial spend is probably obvious:

    1. Buy back notes
    2. Invest in underground

    But what next?

    3. Share buy-back
    4. Dividends
    5. Projects / acquisition

    I'm with you Olympian on the point of PR not replace the board. What harm can exposure, PR do? If we all think it's a good thing exposure can only benefit DRA, the SP and us.

    SP is not yet showing DRA us un-hedged. Before it became un-hedged the SP should be where it is, probably a lot less. I have confidence in this board based onr getting DRA through the tough times of an ugly hedge which is now behind them.

    Once DRA starts paying a dividend we will all be happy regardless of SP.

    I'm interested in your thoughts on where DRA should direct future cash flow after notes and underground. At current SP a $5m share buyback would be very effective in showing confidence, the company's belief in an undervalued SP, remove some uncommitted investors from the register and drive the SP up a bit.

    Bring on the quarterly due around the 20th Jan.

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