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    Britain to produce new evidence on Iraqi WMD
    Fri Aug 8, 7:24 PM ET

    LONDON (AFP) - The British government is soon to present new evidence that Iraq had produced biological weapons, it was reported.

    Intelligence officials were producing another dossier on Iraqi arms, and "there is said to be hard evidence of cover-up programmes designed to conceal weapons of mass destruction", the British magazine "The Economist" said in its latest issue.

    "We would hope to be able to demonstrate in the fullness of time that almost all the information in the dossier (published by the government last September) was accurate", a government insider told the magazine.

    Government sources "say that several new bits of information will emerge including evidence based on interviews with Iraqi scientists that biological weapons had been produced in quantity", the Economist said.

    Britain was the staunchest ally of the United States in the war against Saddam Hussein's regime launched in March. Both countries used Baghdad's refusal to give up its alleged weapons of mass destruction as the main justification for military action.

    No such weapons have yet been found, while a September 2002 dossier on Iraq published by Britain has prompted hotly disputed claims that the government beefed up intelligence reports to justify war.

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