In the Face of White Supremacist Terrorism We are All Muslims.

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    I’m a monster of willpower’

    Over the space of eight years, Brenton Tarrant transformed from a young country boy to an angry man full of hate

    Faced by evil, we are all Muslims

    Faced by evil, we are all Muslims

    There is only one human feeling here: solidarity. Today all these Muslims are our brothers and our sisters.

    We all have been given the GIFT of humanity. It is a gift that needs to be civilised. It takes years and years. This is what is called civilistion.
    Humanity can be destoyed in seconds. The Australian monster of Christchurch streamed his hatred across the world. And some have drunk that poison. That was the intension . To poison the streams of civisation.
    The antidote is LOVE. Hatred poisons the hater. Love enlivens, especially the physical targets of hate
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