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    all this dissatisfaction simply because no ones making any money....Boo Hoo
    Settle down, if anyone can do better, go for it. Rome wasn't built in a day and everyone knew what they were getting into when they bought in.. A bunch of spoil sports is all the posters have been lately. When the party changes i can already see all the posters alive with renewed vigour, it borders on pathetic that we create our own sentiment this way...

    1)you must be a small time invester or have plenty of money to leave lying in this stock(ive been in it over a year and expect some sort of return on my investments xx,xxx )
    2 if management even showed some confidence with their shareholders by releasing information on launch and promotion then also through word of mouth , internet etc it could be promoted by us
    3 to think we can compete with voltaren at present time
    A variation in price
    B market leader
    C professional marketing
    4) my main worry is cost of our product

    5 i use to love rebels optimism but even he is starting to sound a bit worried and once again i say im not a down ramper but a realist
    6 yes i will sing there praises if bring of a decent return
    on my investment but im not here to line managements or insto's pockets with cr's want my own pockets filled first

    hold pno obj ccc ccco csdo amm cxn
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