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    Monday, 19 May 2003

    Two Way Satellite rollout starts for Multiemedia

    Multiemedia today announced it has commenced the deployment of its V-SAT, high-speed broadband satellite technology into 10 commercial sites.

    On Friday, Multiemedia signed a supply contract for provision of a ViaSat hub and customer equipment. ViaSat is one of America’s largest V-SAT organisations.

    Multiemedia has pulled together a syndicate of major wireless communication specialists that include hardware, software and billing systems. The deal also involves European-based satellite provider, NewSkies, which recently launched the $US650 million NSS-6 satellite that Multiemedia will use to deliver broadband services to Australia and more than 30 other countries including the Middle East and Asia, China and the Indian subcontinent.

    Installation of the new services will commence this week.

    The first commercial sites include:
    · Austrade, to deliver video conferencing and multicasting services to offices across Australia.
    · Norfolk Island Internet Services, an ISP provider.
    · Regional Connectivity Victoria, a Victorian Government program involving 40 small country towns.
    · The Seventh Day Adventist Church, which plans a virtual private network for its 155 Australian and Pacific island schools.
    · Internet Whitsundays, an ISP provider of Internet services throughout the Whitsunday islands.

    Group Managing Director and CEO Adrian Ballintine said, “the satellite covers more than 60% of the world’s population, opening up a huge market for the on-selling of broadband services by Multiemedia. Multiemedia is negotiating the sale of franchises to countries covered by the satellite”.

    “Whether island, outback or city, the technology allows the same high-speed, low-cost broadband access to the Internet and applications such as video conferencing, virtual private networks, voice over Internet protocol and multicasting,’’ Mr Ballintine said.

    Multiemedia’s satellite technology bypasses the need for expensive terrestrial infrastructure and is capable of providing 1.15 Mbps uplink speed and 60 Mbps down.

    For more information, please contact: MR ADRIAN BALLINTINE
    Group Managing Director & CEO
    Tel: (03) 9603 3200
    or by email at: [email protected]

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