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    Hi Lucretious

    your numbers are right, and what's more perplexing is that they shorted another 2,094,141 shares yesterday.

    Broker data From December 1st to December 31st
    shows Maquarie and GS as the shorters with retail accumulating the majority of the stock

    Broker data from December 1st to yesterday showing (apart from the unassigned transactions) that retail continued to do the majority of the heavy lifting and no sign of accumulation taking place by any of the major insto's, definitely not enough accumulation to justify the short as a possible capping method.

    Its been approximately 86 trading sessions since the shorting began and taking a look at the oppies as @Wedgeman7 has pointed out maybe the short has been a play to suppress the SP & accumulate options, meaning covering would have an exponential affect on the option exposure.


    So taking a look at the broker data for the options over this period what do we see???


    Final summary

    Unless they've been accumulating through retail brokers (wealthub aka.NAB, cmc markets, third party and commonwealth) which i doubt very much.
    It Looks very much like Macquarie and Goldman (or their HNWI clients) just got spanked by the little man.

    Congrats to all holders for standing your ground, bloody amazing effort!
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