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Get over yourself slick, I actually don't think anyone cares...

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    Get over yourself slick, I actually don't think anyone cares about your sob story. You've repeated this routine every time someone has had a go at you over the years when you can't provide a meaningful defense. And now, you would prefer to twist my words than move on. My sole issue with you is your arrogance regarding things that you don't understand or are not competent with. You can attack my analysis all you like, but I note that you have not provided anything to back up your arguments on where it has failed. Just sub par one liners.

    As for being unqualified, you know full well that I was specifically referencing your need to comment on and disparage things that you know little about, like the absurd notion that someone with decent technical skills can't possibly know where a price is going under certain circumstances. Any one here can easily go back though (don't know why they would want to) and read that I clearly stated that you are accurate, knowledgeable and reliable in the areas you focus on. When read in context, the unqualified comment was on those things outside your circle of competence that you are intent on dumping on because you don't understand - recent words like 'charlatans' & 'clueless' come to mind when reading your posts describing them. This was what I meant when I said you are unqualified to make comments, and if you genuinely took it any other way, then that I do apologise for. However, I seriously doubt you missed my point, despite the 'poor me' routine.

    It's interesting that one of your main issues with me is that despite my analysis I held my investment rather than selling it at the top. I'm sure the majority of folks here did the same thing while accumulating on the way down. In hindsight, I would have sold and bought back, but that's the advantage of looking back. I don't regret my investment decision, and I'm not in a position where I need to live off my trading any more. Given identical circumstances and analysis, I'm sure I would do exactly the same again, because I know that soon that strategy is going to reward me significantly more than trading in and out ever could. And at any single point on the way down, any single point - a deal could have come along, none of us knew. I definitely would have rather be holding from the top than miss that.

    I know that given time, the method of analysis I use will stand on its own merits and show all here who wants to read that it is as reliable as I have indicated. I have watched it do its thing for years, and based on your early charting comments in this very forum, probably using it before you even knew what a bolly was. I guess in the end of it all, your view on its viability is of little concern to me.

    I won't bother with your childish baiting comments any more. If you have some analysis of mine that you want to specifically reference to add some weight to your criticism, I will happily discuss it with you. I'm pretty sure though despite your age, you aren't mature enough for that - you'd prefer to throw stones.
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