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impress moving up on growing volume

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    ITC has moved from a low of 1.6 in March to sit around the 2.0 mark for most of Jun and July, to now climb to 3.8 on rising volume. It looks like it has a lot more movement in it yet with strong bids and fairly sparse selling.

    I mentioned this yesterday in relation to a post on VPE as they do a lot of exploration together, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything specifically related to ITC. They had an announcement yesterday about ceasing to be a substantial shareholder in Mbox but that is the only news since their quarterly report.

    Their upcomeing exploration is a little on the weak side but their cash position is strong and they are on the lookout to spend. They are supposedly expecting news on their re-assessment of last years NZ drills some time this quarter but I would not think that would be enought to warrant this kind of movement.

    Any comments or thoughts.
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