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important posts being removed from the site

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    A few weerks back I posted that WAG would not get the licence from a certain company... That post has vanished from the archives.

    This is a post alluding to ther one that vanished, on the same day I received an Email from a WAG CEO saying that I had my facts wrong..

    Below find the post, the email and todays ASX announcement....What a cover up....
    Subject re: danger danger wag
    Posted 25/04/03 13:01 - 51 reads
    Posted by stocko
    Post #89085 - in reply to msg. #89080

    I would be more worried with an Unproven concept such as WAG, at Least KCG is making profits from a viable proven business model.

    I would rather invest in the known than the unknown anyday.

    I know the ins and outs of KCG, I doubt you know much at all.

    The post I did on WAG was from an industry professional, this site is to inform is it not?

    So stop trying to be a pitiful point scoring wanker.. OK

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    You appear to be poorly informed.
    Andrew Peter Thompson
    Chief Executive Officer
    WorldAudio Limited

    Tel: +61 2 9221 0964
    Dir: +61 2 9239 0124
    Fax: +61 2 9239 0125
    Mobile: 0411 075 421
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: WorldAudio Limited, Suite 1404B, Level 14, 33 Bligh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000
    ASX: Stock Code: WAG



    HOMEX - Sydney

    Directors advise that WorldAudio Communications Pty Limited (WAC) a
    subsidiary of WorldAudio Limited (WAG) exercised its option to
    acquire the Sydney apparatus licence 1611AM from G B Radio
    (Australia) Pty Ltd on 20th May 2003. G B Radio (Australia) Pty Ltd
    has failed to respond to the Notice of Exercise. WorldAudio Limited &
    WAC have commenced proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court to enforce
    their rights under the Agreement of 2 April 2002.

    What a pack of Bull Sh!t
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