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important news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Everyone who holds lOOK better read this.

    They have just increased their CPC by 50% minimum up to 500% on some categories!


    If you read carefully it states.........DISCOUNTED RATE OF 15C APPLIES FOR THE FIRST 5000 CLICKS.

    You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know if they sign AOL...there will be NO discounted rate.

    This is simply the best news we have seen for ages re LOOK..........its a 50% price increase minimum up to a 500% increase for some categories.

    Its effective July 1 for Q3.......imagine how this will affect guidance now?

    Not only inmproves bottom line but raises top line revenues!

    And the most important issue with LOOK........most and i mean most of its income comes from LARGE business listings.

    SBL only adds around $2m every quarter.

    This is so significant its not funny.

    And MSN get 50% more minimum in revenues for doing nothing as well..............as do ALL LOOK partners.....now and potential like AOl and Yahoo!

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