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Importance of green lithium, and where or lithium sits

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    Hey all

    Full disclosure on me - 2 companies account for about 40% of my portfolio value, and FFX is one. And it's share may well increase as I hover the finger over the Buy button.

    would love to hear people's opinions on
    a) importance of 'green lithium'
    b) how green could FFX go

    on part a) I've done a lot of reading and listening about companies across the lithium sector, all 'soon-to-be producers' that each say they can't be ignored - I'll not name names but keep it high level and focused on us for now. But looking at the macro side of the market, you can split the consuming regions into 1) Europe 2) China 3) USA 4) ROW. It's fair to say that Europe has set really tight views on carbon, and whilst electric vehicles massively reduce the emissions footprint, there's a lot of belief that they will be looking for materials within the supply chain with little-to no emissions

    Those of you with broad knowledge of the market will know there's companies trying to pull off this target by leveraging geothermal, or are placed right under the power lines directly from hydro power. From a 'green principle' I totally buy this. From the broader fundamentals perspectives for these companies, again, not for this thread.

    My view.... Green sourced lithium IS going to be important to at least 2 of the 4 main (Europe and USA).

    My other view... We don't necessarily tick the box here, and so it may well limit the interest from the likes of European placed manufacturers such as BMW. To the point that we don't get funded...? I don't think so - but that's what I'm interested in hearing more about, and whether or not anyone thinks there's the possibility for material changes to or carbon footprint that our current DFS leaves us with.

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